Service Centre

Our Service Centre

We are extremely proud of our workshop and technical team and run an extremely busy repair centre.  We are able to conduct service work on a vast range of bikes including Hybrid, Road, MTB and E-bikes. We aim to start each job with an accurate assessment of the work needed in order to minimise the expense wherever possible, without resorting to shortcuts or quick fixes.

We Offer:

Arranging Service Work

Although running an extremely busy workshop can be challenging we do our utmost to accommodate your needs at busy times. We do require customers to book ahead where possible for service work,  this allows us to support you with more accurate schedules, turnarounds and collection dates.

If you wish to book your bike in, phone 01524840800 or contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements. 

This will allow us to estimate the most suitable work required and optimise turnaround or discuss a suitable day for you to bring your bike to us for more detailed assessment.  Same day servicing is available where possible with prior arrangement.

Please do not bring your bike to the store for service work without a booking as we have limited storage.

Pricing & Structured Services

Wherever possible, we try and work to a fixed price billing structure, this structure offers you reliable and predictable prices for service work.

If one of our technicians encounters a potentially unforeseen cost, such as a part that may be beyond repair, or exta work that may be needed, they will always contact you directly to discuss the work fully.

We offer 3 levels of services and we are happy to help you choose a level that will best fit your requirements.

£50 – ASSESSMENT & TUNE-UP – Safety check and bolt tension includes component, brakes and gear adjustment with a final test ride

£119 – PRO SERVICE –  Our most popular service as Tune-Up plus: chain wear assessment, hub and bottom bracket check, headset check and grease, full drivetrain removal/degrease and clean, wheel true and final test ride

£199 – MASTER SERVICE – Deluxe rebuild service.

All prices include VAT but exclude parts

Please call us on 01524 840800 and we will be happy to help you discuss bookings or give a more detailed breakdown of service work and specific costs.