Service Centre

If it’s a flat tyre, a creaking rear wheel or gears that won’t shift it’s frustrating but it’s your bikes way of telling you to take it to a mechanic. That’s where we come in. We crave the satisfaction of finding the annoying noise, we appreciate a quiet drive train and most of all we love getting bikes back to their best.

We offer three different stages of servicing, making choosing one that’s right for you easy as, well, one two three. It’s not just servicing that we offer. Need a groupset change? No problem. Want your wheels made tubeless? We’ve got you covered. Wish that your was bike sparkling clean? We’d be delighted.

Suspension forks and rear shocks are sent away to be serviced by the top bike geeks at the manufacturers, then are re-fitted and tuned in store.

Clear pricing and an estimated turn around time means you’ll be back in the saddle quickly, with as little damage to your pocket as possible.