About Us

Flashback to the late 90’s, before Brad and the national cycling boom, in a football mad nation we opened our doors with the aim to share our passion and love for bikes with the unsuspecting people of Lancaster. Now, fast forward 20 years, countless miles in the saddle, a very large handful of near misses and more than our fair share of crashes we still strive to deliver two simple things, excellent customer service and really great bikes.

So, if you need help to escape the morning traffic by commuting, some advice on how to conquer the nearest trail centre or some words of encouragement when aiming for the your first race, then we’re your guys.

Some of us ride for fitness, some of us competitively; some of us for the social aspect but we all ride for fun.

Come in, have a chat, drink a coffee, test ride a bike and fall in love with cycling the same way that we have.

The Edge Cycleworks
The Edge Cycleworks