CONTACT Plus Reflex

CONTACT Plus Reflex



Part Number: CTC115
GTIN/UPC: 4019238639957


An all-rounder that offers everything that you would expect from a comfortable touring tyre


  • This tyre scores highly with the most popular tread design in the category
  • the specially-developed lamellar structure ensures plenty of grip and a safe ride
  • safe and sporty lightweight puncture protection thanks to additional Safety+ puncture protection layer
  • durable casing and long-lasting tread for sports use 

Safety +

The specialist amongst the anti-puncture breaker materials. Specially designed for E-Bikes up to 50 km/h, we have combined our SafetySystem Breaker with a highly flexible natural rubber. The result is an extremely cut and puncture resistant breaker ply which has a low rolling resistance thanks to its high elasticity. This helps save battery life and the environment. High acceleration torques and fast speeds in turns are easily absorbed by the breaker. The specialist for fast E-Bikes and rental bikes.


Suitable for E-Bikes

For our E-Bike tyre we