Grand Prix GT

Grand Prix GT



Part Number: CTR435
GTIN/UPC: 4019238549096


The sportive tyre.


  • Combines a durable 3 ply sidewall casing with BlackChili compound. Ideal for sportives.
  • Durable and puncture-resistant casing ready for countless miles
  • Excellent puncture protection thanks to PolyXBreaker® puncture protection
  • Excellent grip, high mileage and efficient rolling thanks to BlackChili compound
  • Made in Germany


Poly X Breaker

With the PolyX-Breaker® we introduce technological know-how from automotive manufacturing to the bicycle tyre sector. Polyester has been used successfully in car tyres for years and has proven its worth. The extremely resilient polyester fibre is woven finely as a cross mesh. This way a high density of fabric is achieved which not only makes our breaker more robust against foreign objects, but also makes it particularly puncture resistant.


BlackChili Compound

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