Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner

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Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner



For quick and effective chain cleaning without the need to remove the chain from the bike, use a a chain cleaning tool rather than simple brushes. The Mangiacatena (Translation: Chain Eater) will thoroughly de-grease and clean the whole chain. It is the tool of its type to be equipped with lamellar (finned) elements at both ends, meaning the degreaser is contained when the chain is moved in either direction. This saves on degreaser, is less messy and very useful on many ebikes where only pedalling forwards moves the chain. Once the tool is assembled around the chain, degreaser is added to the fill level (Effetto Allpine Extra recommended). The chain follows a simple, low resistance path straight through Mangiacatena. First it is squeezed at both ends by the plastic fins then scrubbed clean by six rotating brushes which get soaked in the degreaser. For best results move the chain ten times through Mangiacatena with the tool installed below the chainstay then repeat with it mounted above the chainstay. Dispose of the dirty degreaser correctly then repeat the first stage but with water to rinse the chain and brushes. Finally dry the chain with a clean cloth before re-lubrication.

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