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The E-bike paradox

Cycling involves effort, we all know that; so does that in some way imply that electric bikes are cheating? This is something we have been hearing repeatedly in the shops. Is it really cheating though?

Thoughts of monstering up the climbs and smashing your favourite Strava segment with a Cipo style cigar hanging from the side of your mouth whilst flicking the bird to your Sunday riding pals jump to mind?

Not quite…

The key word really with E-bikes is pedal “assist”; you do still have to pedal but alas there is no Evel Knievel style afterburner. What we are finding is that E-bikes are opening up a whole new level of distance and terrain to cyclists that, for whatever reason, need a little assistance with turning the pedals but still very much feel they want to ride a bike.

Power is added to your pedal stroke and speed is limited in a way that allows the rider to choose their level of input.  E-Bikes are both practical and fun. For some riders this will mean they can ride an E-Bike further without being scared of that dreaded hill that has always felt like a climb too far. You can take your Electric MTB to that trail you’ve always wanted to conquer but never had the fitness for or just simply squeeze in an extra lap or two at your favourite trail centre with your mates. You could also ride your electric commuter bike to work safe in the knowledge that you won’t arrive at your desk drenched in your own sweat but smiling in the knowledge that it is still so much better commuting by bike than car.

So is it cheating? No, not in any way. Is it a new style of bike that can compliment a new rider struggling with distance and terrain or an older rider looking to keep riding on and on, into infinity and beyond? Yes, most certainly!

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